miniCom SIM

miniCom has designed a unique M2M SIMs IoT Platform for Global SIM card connectivity managed solutions, that combine fixed IP address with global roaming sim card for secure IoT devices.

Providing the best connectivity solution for a true global roaming sim card, eliminating every possible point of failure for your M2M IoT devices.

We provide deep network control via our IoT platform with a choice of data sim setup configuration using dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN. Offering a complete range of SIM form factors on 2G/3G/GPRS 4G LTE networks. We provide 24/7/365 Support to keep you and your M2M IoT devices connected.

With 600 Direct Roaming Partners, miniCom can deliver a global, multi-network open roaming M2M SIM solution competitively priced with great service.

miniCom M2M SIMs are designed with no additional software to get in the way and delay connection. No PLMN lists, no JAVA code, no Multi-IMSI code to confuse devices.

We allow free hopping between all the networks available in a particular country, with dynamic IP address, fixed IP or IP SEC VPN .


miniCom Virtual Modem

miniCom provides customers a range of solutions to connect legacy dial up modems to modem infrastructure.

miniCom has developed a solution to offer old service but this time build on new technology, so in case the local PTT is cutting the coppar network and no PSTN or ISDN any more then don’t panic we have the solution.

The solution offered by miniCom is stable, scalable and independent of the old PSTN and ISDN technology.